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Software Product Development

Our offer to You

We support your digital goals by creating modern websites and applications using state of the art technologies. Everything is based on your needs.

UI/UX Design

Working on webdesign, application design and corporate identities is a main task in our daily life. We create screendesigns and clickdummies tailored for your goals.

Web Application

Our team shines in developing feature-rich web applications. We strive to use the best fitting software stack for your growing requirements. You bring the idea, we bring the solution.

Mobile Software

Having mobile applications helps you reach more people and offer better user experience on handheld devices. We offer bringing your ideas to mobile platforms in a painless way.

Process Flow

Our way of work

We offer a hassle-free workflow with clearly separable and trackable steps. We keep you in the loop all the way from first sketch to long-term maintenance.

#1 - Requirements

As a first development step we define your general project goals and the requirements to fulfill the desired functions and use case of the software. Most of the time, this is an online or in-person meeting or a workshop depending on the size of the project. The result of this phase is a detailed documentation.

What is the goal of the project?
What kind of functionality is required?
Who is your target group?

#2 - Tech Consulting

Based on your project goals and use case requirements we create a technical solution concept for the software and we analyse the possible bottlenecks and third party dependencies. We involve our backend, frontend, devops and design experts in this technical evaluation process.

Which technology stack will be used?
What are the planned 3
rd-party integrations? (e.g., social media login)
How will the software architecture look like?

#3 - UX Design

After the definition of project requirements and the technical solution concept the next step is to define a UX (User Experience) design. In this phase we create the first visual representation of your software in the form of a screen-based structure. This defines the user flow throughout the application.

How many screens do we need?
How should function X work to reach element Y?
How to log in and how to register?

#4 - UI Design

Based on the UX design we can define the UI (User Interface) concept of the application. In this phase we define the colors and the look and feel of the application. The final icons, illustrations and infographics are carefully designed screen by screen. We create a representation of your screens with every detail as a reference used by our software team for the implementation of the software.

How will the final application look like?
What kind of colors and icons will be used?

#5 - Development

After all the requirements and design elements are defined we start implementing the application module by module. We create a hosted development instance of the application as soon as possible to get feedback from you continuously. During this step we use our existing infrastructure (e.g., dedicated development server, git, milestone & issue tracking, CI/CD, exception aggregator) for a fast and clean workflow. To gain transparency, we offer regular status meetings about the development process.

#6 - Verification and Rollout

The development of an application is a long process and the functionality of the final result have to be verified before rollout despite continuous testing during the development phase. This is always an iterative process involving you heavily to make sure the final product is just as you imagined before showing it to your users. When everything is feeling and working as expected, we prepare the application for the production release on one of our deployment servers.

#7 - Hosting & Maintenance

A software project is never done. This is a fact. An application needs to be maintained and supported to keep it online continuously and free of arising security issues and deprecations. Your needs and the needs of your users are also changing: New features come and old ones go. We provide full service with hosting, support and maintenance so you do not have to worry about these. You just focus on your business while we do the software for you.

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Web and Mobile Applications

Our references

Here you can find some of our latest projects and references.

flexopus application

Desk Sharing SaaS

Flexopus is a booking system for flexible workstations, meeting rooms and parking spaces. Users use a mobile or desktop app to choose when and where they want to work, hold meetings or park their vehicle. With Flexopus, agile working becomes part of everyday life.

#laravel     #vue.js     #desksharing

Product Link

Questn Answering Tool

Questn is a web application for survey management and distribution. The tool supports multi-language template-based surveys with invited and public users.

#laravel     #vue.js   #webapp   #surveytool

More Information

Video Editing SaaS

EASYCLIP is a startup software for online social media video creation using a self developed video editor and renderer. It allows using own media elements like videos and images while also providing remote stock files from the Pexels API. Users are able to create highly configurable videos for their social media campaigns.

#videomarketing   #videoeditor   #webapp

More Information

Sales Playbook
Company Website

This is a static company website we created for Sales Playbook AG to present the sales consulting services of the company. The page was implemented in WordPress using Elementor Pro.

#sitebuild   #elementorpro   #wordpress

More Information

Check out our other references as well

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About Us

What is apicore?

We are a software engineering company with a focus on
product development for the web and mobile devices.

apicore engineering GmbH
apicore is a software development company originating from the Lake of Constance. We are a team of engineers and software developers with a wide range of skills and interests. Utilizing the versatility of our team and our experience, we realize exciting digital projects for our customers every day.
#We are developers.
#We are your hidden software team.
#We are your engineers.
#We are the IT partner realizing your ideas.


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We are helping small and mid-sized companies to reach their software goals as a reliable software partner.